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Clara Langerveld

Clara Langerveld, Photographer and staff reporter

Sophomore Clara Langerveld is a loving, enthusiastic, and outgoing member of the Valhalla here at Lake Stevens High School. Langerveld will be working as a photographer and reporter, which not only fits her love for photography, but writing as well. On her free time Langerveld loves to write poetry, about almost anything you can think of. She is also a part of our school play, Sister Acts, as a nun. Coming into sophomore year Langerveld has the goal of writing about topics that one might not hear about as much at school. She believes that focusing on smaller subjects that people don’t typically acknowledge will broaden our audience here at the High School. For example, Langerveld feels very strongly on the topic of bullying and suicide, due to the tragedies that had occurred at Cavelero this previous year. She believes that everyone is their own type of beautiful, and that no one should ever feel alone. Langerveld is not only caring for anyone who is in need of a little support, but has also been through some rough patches in life that puts her in a position where she can relate to and bring knowledge to those surrounding her. As a sophomore Langerveld already has a wide variety of great characteristics to bring to the Valhalla, making these next two years full of progress, growing, and lots of amazing articles.


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Matching, homemade tattoos. Senior Cole Hohenstein displays his tattoo done by his older sister, Avery. He made a pact with his two older sisters to get coordinating tattoos symbolizing each of their astrological signs. Avery ordered tattoo materials off of the internet to begin her tattooing career and proposed the idea of giving family members some tattoos. She asked Cole to be her guinea pig, and he said yes. “I remember when she showed me this idea of getting matching tattoos of our symbols and I loved it. Then she tattooed me,” Hohenstein said.

[Photo] The stigma around tattoos

April 26, 2018
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Vonart:  A sticker on the retro phone booth in Seattle’s iconic Easy Street records store. In this location, music and other mediums of art are presented and sold to customers looking for tasteful additions to their lives. One may find some writers typing on their laptops in the cafe located inside or musical artists performing on their mini-stage. All are welcome to share their art and experience others as well. “Art is anything anyone creates. Whether that be on a canvas or paper - on their body or even clothing,” junior Sydney Judnich said.

The method to the madness

Ideas of where to look to find the artist inside of you
January 30, 2018
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The perfect headspace: The Seattle based museum, MoPop, has a large screen televising the music videos to music’s greatest anthems. The mixing board is placed in front of the screen to control the musical composition of what can be heard in the miniature theatre. Many young artists and musicians come to the MoPop (formally known as the EMP) to gain inspiration. “Any person that you may meet could become the next musical genius,” sophomore Dallas Landeros said. 
“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time,” world renowned musician Billy Joel said.

Faces in the Halls : Dallas Landeros & Mitchell Hoffman

Undercover musical geniuses roaming our halls
January 22, 2018
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Crash’n’Bang!: A symbol of both the school and the orchestra, waiting for the opening night. The drama crew was practicing and the Pit was preparing. Come see sister act!

[Photo] The Unspoken Pit

November 2, 2017
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A person’s importance. A bracelet with the phrase “Jared Frick Forever” printed on the outside held in front of a wondrous sunset. The night of the Out of the Darkness walk, many gathered to witness the dusk ending the day. The wristband held in the photograph was a token of remembrance for the young man, Jared Frick, who ended his life earlier this year. “People who aren’t willing to be bold about it, can read. And then at least know what to do”, Penny Daniel said.

The importance of life

The steps that can be taken to help make a difference in suicide prevention
October 24, 2017
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An infinite potential: Paint brushes await their fate in the serene studio where their director contemplates which brush should complete their masterpiece. Under the cloudy skies, this unconventional artist worked with their idol of ten years for the first time. “Life is art, live yours in color,” the quote printed on top of the artist’s sketchbook.

Analyze Expression

Students shine light onto what they believe is the artistic world.
October 17, 2017
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The Vikings swim and dive teams determined to win hell or high water. Alexis Zellers and Kathryn Holland swim laps in the bottom lanes prior to their meet on October 3. In a rhythmic pattern, each swimmer dove into the water they would soon compete in. The competitive atmosphere could be felt as the swimmers emerged from the locker rooms. “When warming up before throwing a dive I get butterflies from my nerves,” sophomore Reilly Foote said.

Different Strokes

The home of the perfect swim and dive
October 16, 2017
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