When the Shot Clock Ends

Lady Vikings are back on the basketball court for the 2021-2022 season


Maddy Duffy

Lake Stevens girls played a dominating game against King’s High School. Senior Chloe Pattison, goes up for the shot, after rebounding the ball. The team made a total of 24 points in the 4th quarter. “So we’re very hyped for even if it’s something small,” junior Ella Edens said.

A 75-36 win over King’s High School is how the Lady Vikings started off this season. Dominating the court already, the ladies have been working on and off season for the past year now in preparation for this year’s competition.

Junior Emma Saylor has been playing basketball ever since the first grade. Saylor’s been playing high school ball since she was a freshman and hopes to continue throughout the rest of her high school career.

“I don’t think there’s anyone on the team who can’t shoot the three-pointers. Which is also good, so we can get it inside, but also be able to shoot the three,” Saylor said.

Lake Stevens is typically a strong team throughout WESCO, which is an advantage for our Lady Vikings. With the strength of having a lot of teammates being able to take shots from multiple areas on the court, it will really help the team thrive offensively.

“I would say Arlington is our biggest competitor this season, just because they tend to have a pretty strong team and are able to move the ball around,” sophomore Nisa Ellis said.

Historically, Glacier Peak and Arlington are the Vikings biggest competition during the season. With Arlington having a record of 4-0 so far, and Glacier Peak 3-3, these are the teams biggest competitors. However, we expect the heat to flame up during these games of the season.

The girl’s basketball team hasn’t been to state since 2018, which isn’t too long ago; however, they would like to return.

“Hopefully to make it to state to make it to the Tacoma Dome. We do have a pretty high chance,” junior Ella Edens said.

Edens is the daughter of the head coach for girls varsity, Randall Edens. E. Edens has been around basketball since first grade as well and has stuck with the sport.

With three of the seniors (Baylor Thomas, Camille Jentszch, and Cordelia Wilcox) on the team having committed to different colleges to play basketball, the team’s chances of going to state are high.

The team once again proved that they could take it all the way to state, after playing a tough game against Port Angeles High School, taking the win of 60-58. The teams were both neck and neck the entire game, with Port Angeles leading the way during the first half. However, the girls put on their game faces after the half, coming back and leading the team with a victory. Ellis made the winning basket with only five seconds left in the game.