Top 10 Christmas Songs

Best festive songs to get you into the holiday spirit

With Christmas right around the corner, there’s nothing better than listening to Christmas songs to get you into that holiday spirit. This list is mostly compiled from classic songs, so sorry Justin Beiber, you didn’t make the list. Most people will be surprised when looking at the number one spot.

“There’s just something about it that gets everyone into a good mood when Christmas time approaches,” sophomore Diego Martinez Bermudez said.

Starting off with an honorable mention that just didn’t make the top ten
HM: “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas” – Bing Crosby (1951)

Kicking off the main list at number ten:

10. “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year” – Recorded by Andy Williams in 1963 and debuted on his album “The Andy Williams Christmas Album”. This song is very well known across the world but only ever reached the 21st spot on the UK singles chart in 2007. This is well deserved for the ten spot because of its great lyrics that the most wonderful time of the year is almost here.

9. “Baby it’s cold outside” – Written in 1944 by Frank Loesser later then popularized in the film “Neptune’s Daughter” in 1949. This song has been covered over 70 different times in numerous ways ranging from movies to “Saturday Night Live”. Even though the lyrics do not have to do with the Christmas theme; the song gets number nine for it’s great performances and catchy lyrics.

8. “Wonderful Christmastime” – This single released by Paul McCartney in 1979 earns the eighth spot due to it’s up tempo beat and well-fitting lyrics. It was a top ten song for a short time in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

7. “Have a holly jolly Christmas” – Reorded by Burl Ives in 1964 then later released by Decca Records a year later. Ives also recorded Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song for the movie’s soundtrack. This song is very catchy and definitely a classic that gets played a lot and well-deserving of number seven.

6. “Let It Snow” – Recorded in 1945 by Vaughn Monroe quickly became a number one hit on the Billboard’s best selling music chart in early 1946. Despite not having anything to do with the holidays it’s still widely known for it’s winter theme. Definitely deserving of the sixth spot because it reminds everyone of what we want during winter break.

5. “Last Christmas” – Released in December of 1984 by a British pop duo named Wham! It spent 5 consecutive weeks at no. 2 spot on the UK singles chart upon its initial release. There have been over 100 cover versions of this song such as from Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Cascada. This is definitely a go-to Christmas song for it’s great lyrics and music and why it’s at the five spot.

4. “Feliz Navidad” – Record and released as a single in 1970 by Puerto Rican singer Jose Feliciano. It took this song over two decades to hit the US billboard music charts at number eighteen. Well deserving of the fourth spot for it’s crossover from Spanish to English throughout the song and catchy tune.


3. “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” – Written by Johnny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee was first released in 1958 and by the song’s 50th anniversary in 2008, it has sold well over 25 million copies of her single and is the 4th most digital downloads sold by any Christmas single. Most certainly a top 5 song of all time but it gets the third spot for overall great sound and lyrics.

2. “Jingle Bell Rock” – Released in 1957, this single by Bobby Helms is a frequent song that comes on the radio or music playlist for it’s catchy tune and lyrics. Also this song reached the top 100 Christmas songs in 22 different countries since 1957.  Just getting the number two spot for catchy tunes and lyrics

1. “All I want for Christmas is You” – Released in 1994 by Mariah Carey has become one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time.

It is the best-selling Christmas single by a female singer selling single in music history. In 2017 alone it earned over 60 million dollars in royalties. It has been the number one song in over 30 different countries around the world in it’s 27 year existence. There will be no explanation on why this is the number one song because we all know why it is.


“This song is the best Christmas song to exist… I don’t know why people don’t like it,” sophomore Morgan Heggem said.

There will be some people who disagree with this list mostly because of what song is in the number one spot. But please do listen to music you enjoy even if it’s not Christmas themed and have yourself a merry Christmas.