Superbowl Halftime


Neena Roe

Wow! Rihanna puts on an incredible show at the State Farm stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Rihanna fans were so excited about her performing for the first time in four years.

Rihanna pioneers a new way to perform halftime shows
The thought process and logical thinking when planning to perform

Rihanna created a new way of performing at the Super Bowl. Since last performing at the Grammys in 2018, she did not disappoint with her performance at Super Bowl 57. With a full 130 dancers accompanying Rihanna, half of them were dancing 15 to 60 feet in the air on hanging platforms. While the very bright platforms moved throughout the performance while she threw down hits like “Rude Boy”, “Better have my money”, and “Wild Thoughts”. The reason for the hanging platforms was to feel the performance off the grass.

The players all requested a grass field to play on during the Super Bowl. As per request they were granted the grass field but with that. If they were to put the platform on the ground it would’ve compressed the grass making it hard to play on. Therefore the director and designer of Super Bowl halftime shows Willo Perron decided to have the platforms dangle from the roof. The NFL spent over 2 years prepping for this new grass field technology. The total cost of the field was roughly 036;800,000. It is preferred to play on grass fields to help reduce injury. Due to the moisture from the platform once getting set on the field. Created moisture within the soil causing players to skid and slip throughout the game. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco, and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts were some of the many players that were having a hard time on the field. Jalen hurts Eagles quarterback even changing his cleats half way through hoping to improve his agility and elusiveness during the second half.

“It was interesting to see Rihanna while she’s pregnant decide to perform like 70 feet in the air,” said junior Javin Mitchell.
But still havingd a platform on the grass that was almost the size of the actual field. And roughly 60 dancers on the grass. Kicking up the grass and the platform compressing the grass creates a higher risk of injury or slipping.

Rihanna for sure put on a performance shocking the Country with her outfit and overall how she performed. According to the poll, out of the 15944 responses 37% rated it “terrible! I hated it”. Not everyone likes Rihanna so you can see where some people would vote so poorly. But you’re not going to get an artist that everyone is going to like so you just go with a majority. She creates more of an R&B music style and there’s an endless amount of music styles so only a percentage of people actually listen to R&B.

“I am a fan of her music but she could have done so much better,” junior Jaydn Avolio said.

But overall it was an amazing performance done by Rihanna and her team. While artists don’t get paid for performing, the NFL pays for all the equipment and supplies needed. The NFL doesn’t pay the artists because of the attention they get from the streaming services. The attention her music gets from the average 118 million people watching the game. Rihanna received a 211% gain for on-demand streams and 390% increase in digital sales overall. Halftime show performers like performing at the superbowl because they get alot of attention and recognition from performing.