Heartbreaker finale for soccer


Courtesy of Glen Moffitt

Double Overtime! Lake Stevens Varsity Girls Soccer 0-1 Loss in Double overtime. Fighting for a spot in playoffs.

The season for women’s soccer has concluded with a standing of five wins, 6 losses, and one tie. This season was most likely one of the hardest the Vikings had to face, facing off against the reigning Wesco champions, The Glacier Peak Grizzlies, with a rough loss 4-1. That loss pushed Lake into a sudden death round against Kamiak. With a gut-wrenching loss against Kamiak in the final seconds, the Vikings could not prevail to the playoffs, final score 4-3. 

“It was a great season, we did the best we could with what we had. We just struggled due to injuries in the beginning of the season,” junior Sarah Taylor said. 

Injuries could’ve been a major factor in the team’s success with Maya Courtenay, Maddie Smith, Keira Tupua Charlie, and Sarah Taylor all going out for leg and knee injuries, even ACL tears. 

Though the season ended on a short note, some of the seniors still have hopes for the future. 

“I love the girls. We have some great talent coming up and I’m not worried at all about their success in the next season,” senior Alli Springer said. 

Upcoming underclassmen, we cannot wait to see you next year!