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The student news site of Lake Stevens High School


The student news site of Lake Stevens High School



Time to prep for finals! Mr. Flanders and senior Arielle Paris take time in class to catch up before finals week begins. Flex Period has also helped other schools and students prepare for finals without having time taken from class reviews. “It would be great to have time to work with individuals during the school day other than our already assigned class periods,” said Mr. Flanders.

Should we bring back Viking Period?

Kaylee Krause, Photographer January 28, 2020

In previous years here at LSHS, we had what was called Viking Period or more recently Flex Period. During these periods teachers covered the student handbook, 13 year plan and digital citizenship. Other...

Blending, blending, blending, done! Makeup takes some work but the results are worth it!

Best cheap dupes for high-end makeup

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor January 28, 2020

Most people have probably walked into Ulta or Sephora looking for some sort of makeup product, whether that be a new eyeshadow palette or the best mascara on the market and come to find out that either...

Black Friday: Inside the minds of shoppers

Black Friday: Inside the minds of shoppers

Selah DeLong, Photographer December 5, 2019

Doorbuster Deals? Black Friday has quickly become one of the most popular holidays in America. However, many news sites and broadcastings have highlighted the hazards of Black Friday. Not only is this...

Let’s! Go! Lake! Lake Stevens Vikings Superfans preparing for the first playoff football game. All the students showed their spirit by being in viking gear. “There so much fun with alot of energy!”

The best parts about Viking spirit at LSHS

Christine Cannal , Staff Reporter December 5, 2019

Having pride in your school is an amazing thing to experience, whether it is participating in clubs, buying Viking gear at the Cove, or involving yourself in things such as musicals or sports. Our community...

Favorite part of thanksgiving

Favorite part of thanksgiving

Jake Kirkland , Section editor December 4, 2019

November is the time of the year where the weather is cold, the leaves are falling from the trees, and people Aren't shaving their faces. Thanksgiving is a holiday where we celebrate the people we thank...

Gym classes make or break students

Gym classes make or break students

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor December 4, 2019

For students in LSHS, we constantly search for better ways to get the credits we need for graduation. Especially as a senior. One class we can’t really skip out on is gym. But what do students feel about...

The cheerleaders are brightening up the class of 2022

Are traditions worth keeping at Lake Stevens High School?

Jake Kirkland, Section editor October 29, 2019

     There are many traditions at Lake Stevens High School. There's old ones and new ones and many more to come in the near future. I believe that traditions mean a lot to our school, and it shows others...

The stop sign is a metaphor that students can’t leave during school hours

Adults, or Still Children?

Talen Anderson, Staff reporter October 29, 2019

The role of a student in high school is complex. The school holds its students to the expectations of an adult but treats students as children. Where is the middle ground? Many students attending high...

The once proud standing statue of the Lake Stevens High School campus surrounded by the aftermath of construction.

High School Construction Impacts Students

Kieran Diezi, Section Editor October 29, 2019

The construction of our school is one of the most exciting things to the students as a whole. The three-story building towers over the original buildings that have been in Lake Stevens since most of us...

Lake Stevens Students Struggle with Limited Parking and Excessive Safety Concern

Lake Stevens Students Struggle with Limited Parking and Excessive Safety Concern

Kaylee Krause, Photographer and design editor October 29, 2019

Everyone knows the feeling of turning 16, getting your driver's license and finally being able to stop riding those smelly overcrowded school busses. At least for me, I was psyched to stop riding the bus...

Senior Cassidy Mclntyre displays her VSCO style with everything a VSCO girl typically owns

VSCO trend in detail

Bailey Polkinghorn, Section Editor October 25, 2019

Let’s talk about the VSCO trend. Sure we’ve all heard of VSCO girls with their scrunchies, Hydro flasks, shell necklaces, Kånken backpacks, metal straws and of course the verbal “sksksksksksk and...

The earlier in brain development, the easier it is for vaping products to stunt and affect brain development.

Vaping, Tobacco & THC

Christine Cannal, Staff Reporter October 25, 2019

Being a teenager is all about risk-taking and discovering new things; however, teenagers in this day and age don't understand exactly how much of their health they’re risking. Whether it’s peer pressure,...