Unfortunate News in Returning to the Entertainment Industry


Lilianna Rodriguez

Travis Scott performed his album ASTROWORLD in Houston Texas on November 5th.

Travis Scott performed at his festival that occurred on Nov. 5, but fans are rethinking if they should still listen and support this artist after the incidents that occured at his festival

Many people love to see their favorite artists in concert, desiring a place to experience the raw passion of live music. Concerts can give individuals a core memory, celebrating the arts of music and how songs make you feel. Although, when you hear that fans’ lives are in danger, it makes you rethink concerts and how much you really want to attend one. There have been many brutal incidents where people have passed out and even have tragically died from a concert.

Last month

Eight people were confirmed dead and at least 100 people were injured from the Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas on Nov. 5, 2021. The concert was a part of the Astroworld Music Festival that started Nov. 5 and ended on Nov. 6.

The festival sold 50,000 tickets in less than an hour or two, but officials with the Houston fire department said that the venue could have held more than 200,000 people, even though the venue was supposed to hold up 50,000 people.

People were coming through the gates without any tickets, and this might be the harm from Travis tweeting, encouraging them to come in without even having a purchased ticket stating, “NAH AND WE STILL SNEAKING THE WILD ONES IN. !!!” on May 5, 2021 when tickets sold out. The police could not stop all of them at once.

It was already out of hand before Scott came out, but once he did, people were rushing and passing trying to get toward the front. People were not in control of their own bodies at that point. The pit was too crowded, and they were starting not to be able to breathe. Some say they felt like they were in a can of sardines. People were starting to pass out due to the pressure on their own bodies and not being able to catch their own breath.

People were starting to lose their strength and couldn’t hold themselves up, causing them to get trampled and stepped on. No one could fix this situation because there was nothing for them to do, not even for themselves.

It was not right for his fans and the fans’ families to go through. This was one of the most traumatic and devastating concerts that has ever happened. Fans shouldn’t have gone through this experience and having to see this happen at a supposed fun festival.

This event has affected everyone in the music industry to see one of their artists host this event and see how down hill and how unorganized it was for his fans. I could not imagine how the families felt after hearing this and not knowing if your loved ones will be able to come home that night.

I think artists should research and take more time on the event they want to host for their fans to make it a safe environment for everyone, and artists should also think about what they say because their fans rely on their favorite artist and would do anything to see them.

Scott has a history of encouraging a reckless attitude when it comes to the safety of his fans. Apr. 30, 2017, in New York at Terminal 5, Scott was performing a gig when he saw a fan climbing over the second floor railing. From there Travis asked for the lights to be turned on the fan and then encouraged him to jump by stating, “I see you, but are you gonna do it?” He once rear uses his fan before jumping saying, “They gonna catch you. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.” As a result, the fan willingingly jumped and caused serious injuries such as several broken bones including veriberry.

Harrison McWalter attended the Astroworld Festival, and he thinks the venue itself was not the best.
“Live Nation has past records of being crappy about organizing festivals and it showed again, they didn’t hire enough security or medics,” McWalter said.

Also, Apple Music having the livestream made a new section of barriers in the crowd which made parts of the crowd surrounded on three sides with nowhere to go which is a recipe for disaster.” They did not have the proper resources to manage that size of crowd.

Scott knew prior to the show of the precautions he could have taken this article states that the Houston police chief Troy Finner stated that he personally warned and told Travis the concerns he had for this event regarding the crowd. Finner also stated that the concert should have been shut down to who was “in charge” of this event. Travis Scott did stop his show once or twice when he saw the people that were passed out getting crowd surfed and stopped when he saw the ambulance but decided to keep going after seeing these incidents.

Yes he did stop his show 30 minutes early, but he knew prior to the hazards that could have occurred for this festival, and saw some hazards happen while performing.

While he could have handled this situation differently and should have stopped the show once things got out of control, but Scott even reassured his fans and everyone around him if everything was okay according to McWalter that went to the Astroworld concert, “…the producers needed to stop it when they knew what happened. They didn’t tell Travis, he even asked if everything was good and he could keep going and they told him to,”. There has been evidence of one of the people that was on stage recording Travis ignoring a fan that was calling for help because someone was dead.

There have been many concerts having bad incidents occur but never have I seen such a most dangerous, unorganized event. Travis assured his fans that they can still get in even though the tickets were already sold out, telling them that they can sneak in. People truly did fight for their lives at that event, those people did not have the right to get their lives taken away that night nor the injured, and all that went to this supposed to be fun concert. Although Travis was performing his Astroworld event, I do think it was not just him who was at fault.

I think every artist should know the precautions on any concert, especially when similar incidents occur. Concerts should be a safe and fun, unforgettable event.

I am glad he reduced his fans’ tickets to the concert and he gave them an option to accept it or decline, but I think artists should really research who they are working with, the event they are performing at, and to have the best security for these kinds of large events. I also don’t think artists should show irresponsible comments and not think it would impact someone to do something. Although, I am glad he reduced his fans’ tickets to the concert and he gave them an option to accept it or decline, but I think this could have been a better held festival.