Eighteen year olds can sign themselves out of school

Students make their own decisions when they need to leave school


Peyton Ruthruff

Students use google forms to sign themselves out. Senior Ryan Cumiford goes through the process of completing the form to sign himself out. When leaving school you must go to the attendance office where there are two computers to sign out of school.

As of right now, Lake Stevens High School allows students who are eighteen to sign themselves out with the permission of their parents or guardian.

Legally once you become eighteen, you are considered an adult. You can live on your own, vote, and pay taxes, so it makes sense for students who are eighteen to also be allowed to sign themselves out of school as they need to for doctors appointments and when they are feeling sick. The process for students to be allowed to participate in this is straight-forward.

“We have a paper that you have to have a parent or guardian sign and you have to sign it then return it and it goes to an administrator. They look it over, look over your past attendance history and things like that, and then they approve it,” Office Professional-Attendance Ginger Reid said.

Some who oppose this being allowed in schools might argue that students would take advantage of this opportunity to be an adult and lie about why they were leaving school. There are very few students who actually have access to this and many students, parents and teachers disagree.

“Students that are accepted, assuming they are ones with high GPAs and good attendance, I don’t think they would take advantage of this,” senior Sean Sanchez said.

Although there may be some students who would do this and lie, a majority of kids that are given this opportunity are ones that have perfect attendance, a high GPA, and are overall good students. As mentioned previously, this is a special opportunity that is not handed out to all, but rather it is something that is earned.