Students host personal events as a substitute for Homecoming


Victoria Hyatt

Without the school’s organization, seniors Shelby Farler, Kaylee Galvan, Kaylie Human, and Mckenzie McLeod, take on homecoming and have a small dance of their own!

Class of 2022 has had a rough high school career. From arriving at the high school in sophomore year to being sent home three months prior to the end of the school year due to COVID. They spent their junior year learning from home and returning now to in-person full-time learning. But is the experience really the same? Senior year is inevitably the most vital year for all students.

What makes the school year fun? Events! Homecoming and fun dances, graduation and ceremonies. Without those, could it be the same?

This year, unfortunately, the school didn’t host a homecoming dance. Though, students and parents decided to not let it take away from any fun events. A group of LSHS moms and teens decided to host a small Hoco gathering at the Everett Skate Deck, allowing all high school-age students to attend in their formal wear and rollerskates. This event took place on Nov. 6 with the hopes to get kids out and about again, safely.

Senior Mckenzie McLeod mentioned that even though LSHS had a Homecoming movie night, seniors still feel like they are missing out. “Everything I was looking forward to is not the same,” McLeod said.

A number of ideas for Homecoming were brought up by ASB, such as food trucks, outside dances or hosting something at a different venue. McLeod thought that an outside dance in the field would work well enough and would allow people to stay spread out.

According to the school board, these ideas were not doable, due to expenses and health concerns.

In response, students took it into their own hands to have small fun events to make up for it. Some students drove to Bellevue or Seattle for a formal dinner. Though we didn’t get an official dance this year, the Vikings have high hopes for a senior prom!