The LSHS cross country team through covid times

Due to the challenges of covid the cross country team has still found a way to dominate and win their competitions.


Photo courtesy of Sabrina O'Malley

Before the big race, the cross country girls were huddled together preparing for the Twilight invitational with having a good chance of going to state. “There’s a lot of fast underclassmen and the guys are also doing really good and they might have a chance to go to state, but I think the girls have a bigger chance,” senior Mckenzie McLeod.

These last few months have been hard with all the COVID restrictions and uncertainty of sports for student athletes. The LSHS cross country team has had to endure these challenges all year long by not letting the stress and uncertainty stop them from shining.

“Well, it’s pretty nice to actually have a season, you know,” Head Coach Josh Fountain said.

The new rules add to the struggles and challenges they are facing again this year.

“This year is special because I think all the girls are very excited to be racing cross country again,” Fountain said.

The girls team has been consistent through the season and Fountain has been happy for them.

“We have won every race but one,” senior Joel Haack said.

Throughout this time the school has shown their support to the athletes by having fun spirit days, meaning all the kids dress up a different way each game day to show support for the school and athletes. To show the support from each other they are dressing up and just brightening each other’s spirits to get back into the excitement of the normal year. The team is also preparing the underclassmen and building for the future of the cross country team.

“There’s a lot of fast underclassmen,” senior Mckenzie McLeod said.

So be on the lookout for the girls cross country team next season with the new freshmen rising up and the next year’s sophomores rising up to show their Viking spirit and take home some gold.

“The guys are doing really well and they might have a chance to go to state, but I think the girls have a bigger chance,’’ McLeod said.

The girls and boys cross country team have both secured their spot in state and are going to compete this coming weekend.

Covid has made the Lake Stevens vikings cross country teams come back stronger and faster. By giving them a reason to want to play. They missed out on a whole year but now they have school and the ability to compete to cheer them up and get them going for races.