Launch with environment on the mind

Davies beach cleanup potentially sparks student and school involvement with environmental progression


Photo courtesy of Helga Sable

A boat glides on Davies beach! The waterfront looks brighter and bluer on this sunny day after the clean-up. “Being environmentally conscious there is a group of students and people who are,” Emma Morris said.

“Approximately 40% of Lakes in America are too polluted for fishing, aquatic life, or swimming.” States U.S Environmental Agency. In Lake Stevens, volunteers from the Evergreen Dive Service came to Davies Boat Launch in an attempt to perform an underwater cleanup.

For the plan to work, the closing of the boat launch took place on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021. It was reported that this cleanup was necessary in order to improve lake quality. A team of 15-20 individuals worked to clean up a tremendous amount of trash and debris that imposed the floor of Lake Stevens. This annual event has proven to be successful in the past.

In years past, divers have removed more than 600 pounds of litter in a single clean-up of Lake Stevens.
Living in Lake Stevens allows the opportunity for so many members of the community to enjoy leisurely time. Fishing, swimming, and boating are a few of the many advantages of the proximity to the Lake! It is clear that locals value this quality.

“I think that it’s a great idea, I know they’ve done it in the past. I’m always shocked at how much stuff they bring up. One year the paper showed all these piles of beer cans and all kinds of stuff that they were pulling up from the bottom of the lake. Hopefully, it shows people in the community not to throw garbage out of their boat,” teacher Rodger Anderson said.

As current residents of Lake Stevens, it can be said that it is a civic duty to be actively informed on these matters.
At this time, there is no student club that addresses climate, environment, or pollution-related issues. There was an environmental club at one point, but it disbanded. Anderson shared that students pushed the school to start recycling on campus.

Emma Morris, senior class president, thinks reactivating a student club that focuses on the environment would be beneficial.

”Yes, just because I think it is important for people to be educated. And so having something where people are educating people on what’s happening in the environment might push people to be more environmentally active,” Morris said.

Students who are interested in the environment can reach out to Marcus Merrifield and inquire about reactivating the environmental student club.

What started off as an interest in Lake Stevens cleanup could be a gateway to learning more about LSHS’s environmental mark.