Book Reviews and Recommendations


Chloe Bales

Relax and catch a good book! Junior Ximena Solis reads Linger by Maggie Stiefvater in the library during lunch. “You can escape into a different world,” junior Emma Saylor said.

The reality of society right now is tough, and having spent two years in the coronavirus pandemic, people needed to find a way to escape the confinement of staying stuck inside most of the time. Reading gave these students a way to escape and see the world from the inside.

“The way it captures you. I forget about everything,” sophomore Mackenzie Dunkin said. However, not a lot of people feel this way about reading. People sometimes overlook reading because they don’t think they enjoy reading, but maybe the is not the case.

“People don’t always pick the right books… I have been experimenting a lot recently with a lot of different genres. And you just have to figure out what you like, and what you like to read about and what interests you. If you don’t then you won’t like reading,” senior Emily Justus said.

For the students who need an escape from reality, we have some books for you.
Dunkin recommends Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. “This book takes you on a journey of mental health that captures you and sets a realistic way of how the world is. The characters give such good representations of every genre of life and are comforting to those who need to make connections with themselves and the character,” Dunkin explained.

Justus made a recommendation for People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. “It’s about these two best friends and they would take a vacation every summer, and one summer they had a falling out and they didn’t talk for two years. Then it’s about them going on one last vacation trying to figure everything out. It’s a romance that made me cry,” Justus said.

Reading is something so valuable and inspiring, for it gives us a chance to glance into the mind of others and take us out of the hardships that we experience with growing up. So if you can, take the time to pick up a good book.