2021 Summer Plans

Students are excited for the break as summer draws near


Caiden Stollar

Gorgeous river near Eagle Falls, WA: The water is rising and the temperature is quite pleasant. Last summer portions of this river were packed with people on inner tubes and floaties. “[It’s my] favorite place to swim in the summer,” senior Michael Shannon said.

With many restrictions on how we lived our lives over the last year, students and teachers alike are looking forward to the freedom of summer break starting June 16. On Thursday, May 13, Governor Jay Inslee announced the state is currently on track to drop COVID restrictions by the end of June. Entertainment services, sporting events, stores, dining establishments and more will soon have no capacity restrictions. The CDC has also recently changed its mask recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals to not required.

Junior Davin Phan hopes to enjoy at least part of his summer traveling. Phan and his father are planning on visiting family on the island of Saipan. At almost 46 square miles, Saipan is the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands. The island is 7,053 miles away from North America. Phan said his father told him “the flight is almost 13 ½ hours long because they will have to refuel in California, and then Japan”.

Some students plan on working over the summer and saving their money for school. Senior Caden Krause is very excited to go to Shoreline Community College and get his degree in mechanical engineering. Krause recently won a scholarship for $1500 from Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships Central. After Krause graduates college, he hopes to work his way to owning a mechanic shop of his own.

I hope to go camping more and enjoy nature now that more campsites have reopened. Other enjoyable outdoor activities include running, fishing, hiking, bicycling and kayaking. In America, over 50 million people participate in fishing each year. Senior Kelton Fenrich plan to fish at his favorite local locations, Lake Cassidy and Puget Sound.

Overall, the excitement of seeing life returning to normal has everyone giddy for a break and the possibility of vacation. The summer of 2021 will see the return of many opportunities to have a good time and enjoy the beautiful weather along with our friends and families.