Senior assassin starts off with a bang!

Classwide nerf gun war commences among seniors to see who can be the last one standing


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Nerf gun arsenal: Seniors are allowed to choose their Nerf weapon of choice to assassinate their target. The variety of weaponry doesn’t make the kill any easier though. The waiting game is the toughest part of the competition, senior Sophia Rippo said that she “had a lot of difficulty trying to kill my target because she doesn’t work or anything, so I would wait outside her house for hours, but she would never leave.”

The class of 2021 had most things taken away from them this year, from football games to prom to an in-person graduation ceremony, but one thing these seniors are able to participate in is senior assassin. The game is class wide with a $10 buy-in fee, and winners take the pot. Everyone has their own target and if they don’t kill the targets within the week, they are put on the hit list, vulnerable to everyone.
Some seniors create partnerships with their friends, so they won’t have to assassinate each other, but others are in it to win it and will stop at nothing to get the win.
This game entails hours of sitting outside of someone’s house, waiting for the target to leave or asking around to figure out work and sport schedules. The only time people are safe from getting shot is when they’re clocked into their shift or at a sport on school property. Other than that, everything else is fair game.
Many seniors have a hard time assassinating their target, seniors Alyssa Lacoursiere had the same struggle. “[My target] lived in a gated community, so I was only able to shoot her when she was outside in public.”
If a target doesn’t play sports or work, that makes the assassin’s job even tougher because they don’t have to leave their house. This happened to senior Sophia Rippo who explained that she “had a lot of difficulty trying to kill my target because she doesn’t work or anything, so I would wait outside her house for hours, but she would never leave.”
The beauty of the game is that no one is constantly aware of what their target is doing, so if their target leaves their house, they just have to wait until they get home again. Most seniors have to change their schedule to avoid a repetitive routine that makes it easy to know where they’re going to be.
“I didn’t allow senior assassin to change my routine, and that’s why I got out in the first round,” senior Hunter Wells said.
If players are unable to assassinate their targets within the week, they’re put on the hit list. Once someone is on the hit list, any player is able to get them. This makes them very susceptible to getting shot since everyone can get them instead of just one person. To get off the list, the player must kill either their target or another person on the hit list.
The game has been going on since March 1, and only ends after there is a singular winner. The Instagram account lshs.senior.assassin21 posts updates on who is out and keeps an updated hit list. The competition is narrowing down, so soon a winner will be announced and walk away with the cash.