The real truth on the effects of distance learning on academics

Distance Learning has been taking a toll on students academic performance, but we don’t know how bad, yet.


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Online School and Tough Times: Students in all schools strive to find new ways to keep up with online school and to make it entertaining. Although some students enjoy distance learning, all students have struggled at some point in time. “Don’t procrastinate. Using a computer 24/7 has made me not want to learn,” senior McKenna Michealson said.

The majority of students haven’t stepped into schools for almost a year. They have been at home on a computer, distance learning everyday. There are many questions swirling in people’s heads. Have the students been learning as much during this school year? How would the students rate distance learning?
Senior Ailyah Kavran-Peterson said that using a computer 24/7 has taken a toll on her. ¨I have not slept at all,¨ Kavran-Peterson said.
Distance learning is here and will be here in some capacity at least through the end of the school year, as nobody is a future teller. Throughout the year, many students have had a hard time being motivated to do work on a daily basis and staying active. Many students have found that it is really easy to get behind in school and even harder to catch up.
Senior Mckenna Michealson rated how much she as learned this year in the distance learning model as a 5 on a scale of 1-10. She felt that the work was easy, but that the fact it was easy wasn’t necessarily a good thing. ¨A solid 5, I couldn’t tell you much of what I have learned,¨ senior Marielle Moors stated..
It’s very stressful learning on a computer all day everyday for some students.
During the course of this year, students have learned about the tips and tricks in doing school online. Some other factors that Kavran-Peterson and Michealson shared as helpful was teachers who use the 30 minutes to teach and maintaining personal motivation to finish work during the school time.
We don’t actually know how much these students have or haven’t learned with this distance online learning. Only time will tell.