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Powerful Women: Celebrate female trailblazer’s influence throughout history and explore their contributions today. After the feminist push for equal access to education and jobs in 1980, public law was passed by Congress in 1987 establishing March as Women’s History Month. “It is important to teach women’s history to youth in schools because it is important to understand women’s journey to where they are now. It is important to understand that often in the past (and in some cases still today) women’s voices were silenced and they were treated like property, not people,” English teacher Annemarie Gaudin said.

Women’s History Month

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Norma McCorvey
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Wu Zetian
Jacinda Arden
Frida Kahlo
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Angela Morley

Hailey Cordell, Editor-in-Chief

Angela Morley was an English composer and conductor born Mar. 10, 1924. Morley was nominated numerous times for her outstanding musical work and was the first openly transgender person nominated for an Academy Award. After years in the industry, Morley transitioned publicly in 1972 and worked behind the scenes of many productions due to fear for her safety.  Morley relocated to Los Angeles in 19...

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