Fall sports stats

An update on the fall sports going on at the high school


Courtesy of Laura Winston

Fall Sports Fun! Student swim athletes get ready to dive off their starting platforms as their race is about to start. Practicing for competition was very difficult and tiring, but it is all worth it in the end. “The conversations that we have in the middle of sets, where you end up laughing when you’re trying to push off the wall and swim. It’s just the little things that make it really fun,” junior Laura Winston said.

As we near the end of March, usually spring sports would just begin to start up. However due to Covid-19, Fall sports began at the beginning of this month and are now heading towards the end of their seasons.

All athletes have been wondering since the beginning of the school year if they were going to have their own sports season. Fortunately, athletics have been able to start back up. Each sport was granted a 6-week season, a short one, but better than nothing. To start off we had all fall sports up and running: Football, Tennis, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Swim & Dive, and Volleyball.

Football has had a great season so far. They’ve played 3 games and have come out with the win in all three.
“I had been preparing for my final season ever since last season ended, and to finally get back on the field with my team felt amazing. Although the season is short I’m glad we were able to get one. I’m extremely proud of the team for our performance in these past three games and we’re hoping to win out,” senior QB Tanner Jellison said. On Mar. 6, the season started off against Archbishop Murphy. The final score was 26-7 led by the senior RB Jay Roughton who racked up three touchdowns in the game.

Volleyball has had a great season as well going 7-0 so far. Six out of the seven wins they have racked up were all 3-0 wins. Unfortunately, there are no playoffs for any sport this year, but if there were this volleyball team would be serious contenders for the district and state title. The team was led by eight seniors this year, Sierra Simpson, Kennadee Nelson, Michelle Fast, Tatum Smith, Piper Smith, Maddie Iseminger, Karli Tri & Samaya Morin.
“I feel like our class was one of the most talented groups to play on the team, I’m really happy with how we played this year, but I’m sad that this will be the last year playing with all these girls because we all came up plating together for years, but I’m beyond excited for what the classes below us are going to do for this volleyball team,” T. Smith said.
Due to the Covid-19 guidelines that are needed to be followed, our Swim & Dive team has had a difficult time this year when it comes to competing since there hasn’t been any in person competitions, but the team has worked around it effortlessly. There have been many individuals who have been performing well. Junior Madelynn Butler recently broke her own school record in the 100 fly by 1.5 seconds with a time of 57.28.

The men’s tennis team along with the many fall sports have had a great season so far. They are currently undefeated and planning on not stopping for anyone. The team is led by seniors Ethan Hoglund & Luke Stevens. I had a chance to speak to Luke about the changes this year in tennis and how the season was going for him. “It’s extremely unlucky that our senior year had to be the way it is but I’m glad we got a season for tennis,” Stevens said. He also discussed being a leader for his team. “I see myself as someone who likes to help people and make people better so being a captain and being a leader is something that I have been doing my whole life.”

The girls soccer team is led by the six seniors, Jordan Cagle, Akilah Degrant, Callie Knutson, Kalie Kelly, Delanie Polly, & Christina Springer. Like the past years, the team has had a successful season thus far. With a record of 7-1-1, the team has been quite satisfied with their all around performance.
“I’m extremely happy that we got a season, I was nervous that we wouldn’t get one at first because soccer is a very physical and up close kind of sport but I’m glad it all worked out,” Jordan Cagle said. “I think this is one of the best years we have had, the team seems to mesh well together and I know that the classes below us will keep the girls soccer team on top for years to come.”

The final sport being covered is Cross Country. For years now our team has been one of the top schools in the sport, and this year has been no different. The team had five meets across the month of March. “I knew eventually we were going to be able to have some sort of a season so I was preparing ever since the shutdown last year,” senior Trey Roe said. “It feels great, I have been waiting to be a leader ever since I started as a freshman.”