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2016-2017 Staff

Makenzie Heggie

Staff Reporter

Junior Kenzie Heggie is the newest addition to the Journalism class of 2016-2017. She’s a sweet competitive cheerleader who’s looking to get more involved in the community around LSHS.  She is looking forward to writing f...

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Destiny Otusanya

Staff Reporter

Senior and staff reporter Destiny Otusanya is excited to work on the Valhalla this year. She chose to be a staff reporter because she wanted the opinions of the student body. She joined Journalism because it sounded interesting...

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Samantha Jones

Features Editor & Staff Reporter

          Journalism is full of new faces this year! Senior Samantha Jones is excited to start writing for the paper in her final year at LSHS. Samantha plans on being a staff reporter because of her ability to talk to anyon...

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Peyton Moenoa

Sports Editor

Peyton Moenoa is a sophomore and is the sports editor for this year's Valhalla. She joined this year because she wants to be a publicist in some way and she thinks that this could help her by giving her some experience in the...

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Haylee Felker


            Senior Haylee Felker always had a love for photography and writing stories. She always had a keen eye on the demographic of journalism and decided on giving it a try her senior year on the school newspaper re...

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Sophie Grieser

News Editor & Editor-in-Chief

            Sophie Grieser is the news editor and editor in chief of the 2016-2017 Valhalla staff. She has been compelled to join journalism for the last three years; however, she hasn’t had the opportunity till now, h...

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Marin Nielsen

Staff Reporter & Design Editor

            Marin Nielsen is a junior at LSHS as well as design editor and staff reporter for The Valhalla. A dedicated student and band member, she enjoys doing school work and playing her trumpet. But trumpet isn’t th...

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Audrey Kristofferson

Arts and entertainment editor

Junior Audrey Kristofferson joined journalism for the first time this year. She is an editor because of her abilities in writing and as she said, “I like more going over the work.” Kristofferson looks forward to editing arts a...

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Maggie Bakken

Opinion Editor

Sophomore, Maggie Bakken has come back to Lake Stevens this year! She’s lived here previously but left in elementary school and has been moving and forth between Stanwood and Marysville before coming back here. Maggie...

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Paolina Colonico


Senior Paolina Colonico is here for the year as a foreign exchange student from Sulmona, Italy. Paulina has chosen to be a photographer for the Valhalla, it is her hobby. She enjoys taking portraits and photos of landscapes,...

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