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Samantha Jones
          Journalism is full of new faces this year! Senior Samantha Jones is excited to start writing for the paper in her final year at LSHS. Samantha plans on being a staff reporter because of her ability to talk to anyone, and hopes this quality will help interviews run smoothly. She initially joined because she had several friends who went through the course and said they loved it and it would be fun. She also has an overall love of writing and a passion for choir. When the paper begins this year she plans on seeking out other people in the arts program that may not be as well known as drama or band, and getting their perspective on current issues. Samantha feels very strongly that minorities at this school are important, even though there isn’t much coverage. She plans to include details about everyone she can in the paper. After high school Samantha wants to take a semester off of school before college and travel with her mom to Indonesia, then attend EVCC to earn her 2 year degree. She eventually plans to transfer to a university, right here in Washington or California. As a life goal, she plans on being a journalist but her outlook on life and career remains loose and subject to change. She’s optimistic that she’ll be happy wherever she ends up in life. She plans on pursuing her love of writing, and describes it not as a hobby, but as a part of her. She hopes at the paper her voice will be heard  and she can spread a message throughout the school and open people's minds.

Samantha Jones, Features Editor & Staff Reporter

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