Marin Nielsen
            Marin Nielsen is a junior at LSHS as well as design editor and staff reporter for The Valhalla. A dedicated student and band member, she enjoys doing school work and playing her trumpet. But trumpet isn’t the only instrument Marin can play - she also enjoys bluegrass fiddle on her violin! Bluegrass fiddle is hard because “with fiddle you don’t read music; you memorize everything”, so she’s obviously very talented. When she isn’t studying or making music, she spends a lot of time binge-watching NCIS on Netflix or rewatching The Office...again (currently, she’s on her third go). Marin also has a deep love for hedgehogs and hopes to someday own one. By working The Valhalla, she is looking forward to widening her horizons, working with new people, and bettering her writing skills. Marin is really interested in plate tectonics and, after she graduates, wants to be a geophysicist and dreams of attending Berkeley.


Marin Nielsen, Staff Reporter & Design Editor

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