Lorin Wells
Sophomore Lorin Wells is a new staff member to The Valhalla and is excited to be a part of our amazing writing program. She believes her literacy knowledge will come in handy as our 2017-2018 Opinions Editor and is hoping to use these skills to channel her inner Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. In between her practices on the Vikings girls’ soccer team, she loses her grasp on reality as she ventures through the mysterious life of Sherlock Holmes. However, this year in journalism Wells is hoping to switch roles from the reader to the author to educate the student body. She feels compelled to use her knowledge from this year to help prepare her for her future as an author. Along with her love for writing, Wells is also very passionate about other artistic platforms. Although her culinary skills aren’t quite what you’d expect, her incredible drawings would distract you from the unpleasant taste in your mouth.  Participating in her 2nd year of pep band her trombone talents have landed her a spot in the varsity band. Wells spends most of her days living up to her fullest potential when it comes to the things she’s most passionate about.  This year, we are sure she will produce a ton of beautiful work for the Valhalla.

Lorin Wells, Opinion editor

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