Logan Smith
Junior Logan Smith is the Arts and Entertainment section leader for his first year of journalism. He hopes to write eye catching articles that will attract more readers to the Valhalla newspaper, such as articles about comedy, the science behind renaissance paintings, video games, movie entertainment, and more. He learned about journalism from Mrs. Henggeler and took part in the Journalism camp over summer break that really sold journalism for him. He helped write and publish the first day issue passed around at school on September 7th along with 4 other students. In doing journalism he will learn new skills and challenge himself as a writer and how he thinks. Overall this will help him achieve his goal of becoming a journalist or Scientist. He is interested in doing Microbiology, Chemistry, or astronomy for his possible science career. If he was to do any clubs it would be Jazz or Robotics. So you can look forward to articles from Logan about A&E and other subjects as the year goes on.

Logan Smith, Arts and entertainment editor

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