Clara Langerveld
Sophomore Clara Langerveld is a loving, enthusiastic, and outgoing member of the Valhalla here at Lake Stevens High School. Langerveld will be working as a photographer and reporter, which not only fits her love for photography, but writing as well. On her free time Langerveld loves to write poetry, about almost anything you can think of. She is also a part of our school play, Sister Acts, as a nun. Coming into sophomore year Langerveld has the goal of writing about topics that one might not hear about as much at school. She believes that focusing on smaller subjects that people don’t typically acknowledge will broaden our audience here at the High School. For example, Langerveld feels very strongly on the topic of bullying and suicide, due to the tragedies that had occurred at Cavelero this previous year. She believes that everyone is their own type of beautiful, and that no one should ever feel alone. Langerveld is not only caring for anyone who is in need of a little support, but has also been through some rough patches in life that puts her in a position where she can relate to and bring knowledge to those surrounding her. As a sophomore Langerveld already has a wide variety of great characteristics to bring to the Valhalla, making these next two years full of progress, growing, and lots of amazing articles.


Clara Langerveld, Photographer and staff reporter

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