Abigail Morgan
Junior Abby Morgan is the newest Valhalla design editor. She does not have the most design experience, but she is an avid learner and picks up quickly to new knowledge. Morgan has chosen to take many outside of school classes for art, such as design, painting and sculpting. She has a very creative eye and personality, making her the perfect choice for design editor! This is her first year as a member of the Valhalla and she’s excited to improve her writing skills and get to know what journalism truly is. She looks forward to being able to write about mental health, a topic that she is very passionate about. Morgan has big dreams for her future, striving to work in the FBI for the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Before she is able to join the FBI she plans on going to college for criminology. She does not yet have her head set on a particular college, but is interested in UW “I want to go instate because of the money. I don’t know if I could get in [to UW] but I am still going to try,” Morgan said. Morgan is also an avid volleyball player, playing for Fusion, a select volleyball club. She has been playing for the club for the past two years. She plans on just keeping volleyball within her high school career and does not plan to play in college. Her hobbies include drawing and singing, which serve for therapeutic purposes. She attends as many LSHS activities and sports, so keep your eye out for her at extracurriculars!


Abigail Morgan, Design and features editor

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