Drama Club is back in person and performing All Together Now!

After the theater being closed for construction and COVID performances are back on


Madison Peralta

Lights! Camera! Action! The All Together Now cast rehearses their Act 1 finale: Seize the Day! The cast is performing All Together Now as a part of MTI’s program. “It’s just a feel-good and you just get to see people have fun on stage, and you have fun just watching it, so I think it’s just simply entertainment,” junior Teigun Pesce said.

The theater is finally back open! The fall musical revue, All Together Now, which is based on a program called Music Theatre International (MTI) who designed the show as a fundraiser for local theaters to perform live. It will be showing

Nov. 12-15. Ticket prices vary. Student tickets cost $14, but if you have ASB it’s only $11. If you want to bring along a parent, tickets for them are $16 but if you’re bringing a sibling they’re $7.

All Together Now is composed of different musical hits put together.

“It’s about celebrating theater coming back after COVID took it away from us for a while, and it’s just 15 different songs from 15 different musicals that piece together different stories about celebrating theater and it being back,” junior Teigun Pesce said.

The cast prepared for the performance by staying after school every day (including Saturdays). They are excited to be able to perform for the Lake Stevens community.

“I think it’s our first musical…coming back after three years. So it’s kind of a way just to celebrate the community and celebrate being back and like having the chance to go. The actors who are in it are so incredibly talented, and it’s just like a fun show because you get to see all these different musicals and musical numbers that you may not have known before,” senior Emma Morris said.

The cast of the show is very excited to be performing this show for everyone.

“I’m most excited for opening night, especially, but all of the performances – to feel the audience’s excitement,” Pesce said.

Take your ASB card and see the show to support the LSHS Drama Club.

“It’s going to be such a fun time…we’ve had so much fun like just putting it together and everything we want to really share that experience with our audience. If you come you are going to have just this amazing time. You get to get in and get to see people having fun together on a stage and dancing and singing and doing something that they love, and who doesn’t want to watch that?” senior Haley Tabor said.