Seattle Sounders hope to have fans return for new season

Seattle Sounders fans hope to return to Lumen Field for the upcoming 2021 season with the approval to move into phase 3 from the Washington State government.


Carson Schoenwald

Seattle Sounders hoping to have fans pack Lumen Field for their upcoming 2021 season. “I’m excited. I’ve like gone to Sounders games my whole life,” said senior Cullen Vietor.

On March 11, 2021, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announced the move towards Phase 3 of COVID-19 precautions in the state of Washington. With this news, the Seattle Sounders published a statement to make a move towards allowing fans back into the stadium for their 2021 season. Bringing fans back would be in a limited 25% capacity to Lumen Field. This news brought a lot of happiness and joy to the faces of Sounders fans.

Seattle Sounders and Seattle Public Health have not allowed fans in their stadium since March 2020. With this, fans’ voices have been non-existent during games. Since then, the atmosphere and energy in the stadium just hasn’t been the same.

“It honestly sucks just like watching it on TV because the environment in the stadium is like one of the best things about going to the Sounders games, and it’s exciting that I might be able to go to some of the games,” proud Sounders fan senior Cullen Vietor said.

Not being able to attend games in their past 2020 season was upsetting for fans, but they know it had to be done for the safety of others. But with this new opportunity arising, Sounders fans are ecstatic about being able to have an opportunity to attend games for their new season.

“Yes! Like I haven’t been to a game in so long. I’m so excited!” said diehard Sounders fan senior Hagen Tidwell.

The Seattle Sounders are looking forward to their 32-game season with the addition to hopefully making a playoff run again this season. Junior Ryan Harden expressed his excitement about what he is most looking forward to this season when he said, “Just the atmosphere of the whole season honestly.”

The Sounders came up just short last season losing in the MLS Cup Final. But despite that loss, they have made four of the last five MLS Cup final games, winning two of them.

Seattle Sounders first game is set to kick off on April 16 vs Minnesota United here in Seattle with fans being able to cheer them on in-person in a limited capacity.