Biggest challenges of senior year

Seniors endure difficulties – before and after pandemic hit


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Senior year can difficult because of college applications, finals, and working towards the future. This year, students have had half of their year forced online due to the ongoing pandemic.

Christine Cannal, Staff Reporter

Senior year is an important one for many reasons. It’s the final year of high school and the stepping stone into the real world. The class of 2020 has had an unusual year. With Covid-19 rapidly spreading, we’ve had to self isolate ourselves from our peers and family. That doesn’t take away from the challenges of being a Senior. 

The amount of school work on student’s plates is overwhelming. After schools switched to online learning, it’s been difficult to balance the stream of assignments with personal lives. Students are also applying for colleges and universities. Colleges and universities look at the different clubs and sports students did in their senior year. Since the closure, it’s been hard to continue them. 

Keeping up with all of the assignments after switching to online learning … [and] not being able to have our National Honor Society events that were scheduled for this year,” senior Katelynn Mounts said. 

Final exams are also a challenge for the Class of 2020. Seniors are the only class that gets finals this year due to the new online learning system, adding to the stress of finals already made. 

“Finals are difficult because it’s a lot to study for all at once,” senior Lainey Shields said. 

Although senior year has been difficult, seniors tell underclassmen to enjoy every minute of it because it goes by so quickly. “Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy,” Mounts added.