More than just the drip

People use a variety of ways to express themselves


Kaylee Krause

Express yourself! Junior Mikayla Finnerty’s unique way of expressing herself is basing her outfits on the jewelry she wears. Finnerty found this expression when her mom bought her a gold ring last year. “My style changes every day, and I try to step out of my comfort zone as much as I can, but I will always have my jewelry on. If I don’t have my rings, I’m not ready for the day. It helps as a confidence booster when I get up and get ready and have my outfit picked out with my rings to accent it.”

Jake Kirkland , Section editor

In Lake Stevens High School many students walk around the school with different colored hair. P listen to varieties of music, and people that have different religious beliefs. Not all people express themselves through only  fashion

From my perspective, I see students with different hair colors every week or maybe every month because of how they want to express themselves through their hair. Including myself and others, people also express themselves with music like rap, hip-hop, and country, I also see different people with different religious beliefs as me.


“Sometimes I think with being Muslim, I think people see me has one of those people that are different from other people and also with being the height I am. I love seeing people’s reaction because you don’t see a 6’7 high school senior walking around schools. With being 6’7, I use that to express myself because you don’t see kids like me that tall and I feel like it’s a gift,” senior Solomon Khdair said.


Another way people can express themselves is through language. How they speak their own language and how other people are learning and want to speak a new language is different because it’s another way to  communicate with other people.


When I walk around lake stevens high school I hear people speak languages that aren’t English. For example in class today, I heard senior Kamila Almaz and staff member Mrs. Krause speaking Russian. Sometimes I hear groups of friends speaking Spanish to each other.


“When students at Lake Stevens High School express themselves by their own language, they are supporting their own culture and like to communicate their own way. I’m in the group/club  called Mecha and we express ourselves by our Spanish culture. When we did our dance during the assembly on Friday, it really showed students at Lake Stevens High school how unique our culture is,” senior Luis Gonzalez said.


Students at LSHS have many unique ways of expression that aren’t always based on what they wear.


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